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Brand Idenity

Healthy Bites

Taking taste buds on a trip to India! ✈️🇮🇳 We collaborated with Healthy Bites to create a brand identity that wows, even before they opened their doors. From mouthwatering menus to a vibrant social media presence, our design strategy is all about spicing things up!


Healthy Bites




April 2024


A Feast for the senses

This case study, along with high-quality snippets of your designs (menus, social media posts, etc.), will be a powerful addition to your No Brainer Creative website portfolio. It showcases your design process, strategic thinking, and the ability to create a brand identity that not only looks good but also drives business results.

No Brainer Creative was tasked with creating a complete brand identity for Healthy Bites, a new Indian restaurant in Sandringham, Auckland, before the physical space was even finalized. The goal: ignite brand awareness and tempt taste buds with a design strategy that could seamlessly integrate into the future restaurant's ambience.

We crafted a vibrant design language that spoke directly to the anyone-who-loves-Indian-cuisine target audience. Mouthwatering high-quality food photography took center stage on menus and social media posts, while a vibrant color palette echoed the flavors and energy of Indian cuisine.

The design strategy proved to be a recipe for success. Healthy Bites saw a surge in social media engagement and received over 60+ 5-star ratings on Google, a testament to the effectiveness of the design in capturing attention and driving positive customer experiences.

The most rewarding aspect was crafting a cohesive brand identity that transcended individual design elements. From the graphic design and website to the envisioned restaurant ambience, No Brainer Creative ensured a seamless and mouthwatering brand experience for Healthy Bites, even before their doors officially opened.

Brand Discovery

Understanding the Spice: We delved into Healthy Bites' brand essence, target audience, and desired customer experience to create a design strategy that truly resonated.

Visual Feast

Crafting Cravings: Mouthwatering food photography and a vibrant color palette were meticulously chosen to capture the essence of Indian cuisine and tempt taste buds on menus and social media.

Digital Delight

Building Buzz: A captivating social media presence was designed to generate excitement and engagement, driving customers to explore Healthy Bites before they even opened their doors.

Cohesive Canvas

Beyond the Plate: We ensured a seamless brand experience by designing elements that would translate into the future restaurant ambience, creating a unified visual language for Healthy Bites.